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WEMS assisting businesses recover from interruptions caused by COVID-19 Outbreak

First off, let's all do our part in flattening the curve by following social distancing guidelines!

Winquest Enterprise Management Systems (WEMS) has developed value added Information Technology (IT) solutions and services to enable Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) recover from business interruptions caused by COVID-19. With laser focus on SMB, WEMS has operationalized three-stage turn key approach that is generally enabled within 5 days. 


Developed on a cloud native technology, these IT solutions are accessible remotely and are scaled up or down based on business operations. These services nominally priced and are provided on a monthly subscription basis. Additionally, WEMS is also providing pro-bono CyberSecurity advisory and compliance mandated Information Security assessment services during these uncertain times. 

Stage 1: Setup and enable access from anywhere. Working with partners including Azure and Odoo, WEMS has developed cloud enablement templates that is setup on demand. This includes: 

  • Cloud foundation setup in Azure built on industry standard secure baselines, configured to integrate with appropriate access controls 

  • Identify, turn on and setup relevant Odoo modules to enable business operations automation 

  • Continuous monitoring and assessment of security controls to maintain CyberSecurity posture 


Stage 2: Data and process migration. Aligning with business processes and utilizing pre-defined setup scripts, WEMS will: 

  • Setup cloud instances and configure secure remote access for employee and administration access 

  • Reengineer processes, configure adequate instances and enable secure customer access 

  • Train practitioner and executive personnel on operations management and CyberSecurity controls 


Stage3: Support, expand and contract. WEMS provides end to end managed services to support Cloud environments by: 

  • Working with partners in supporting IT infrastructure and application components 

  • Continuous management of users with reporting capabilities  

  • Align with business operations demand to expand, contract and decommission as needed  


Contact us to get started. We are all in this together. Stay safe.   

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